Life Changing Encounters

I am truly a new creation… it all started at VOA

Since I have been attending the conferences I have been overpowered by the Holy Spirit and have become more bold and have gotten words of prophecy, once for my pastor , and have had the opportunity and confidence to pray for random strangers when moved to. I have also started and facilitate a group at my church for moms. It is a loose bible study taking the women to the word for life issues. Most of the group are single moms. It started in February this year and has grown to 12 regulars who at times bring a friend. The Lord put them on my heart several years ago and I did nothing but the calling became strong this past year and I went to my pastor to let him know “what our church needed”. Feeling that I had obeyed with delivering that message to him. He put it to me to lead the group which I felt completely ill equipped to do. Through much prayer I agreed. It is going strong and I was convicted that of course I am just the voice of the Holy Spirit and for each meeting He leads me to the message. My belief is that it will extend past our church into the community and touch and guide many women to live the word and to shepherd their children as they grow. All of this wasn’t me. I am truly a new creation since being filled with the Holy Spirit and it all started at VOA. Last year I brought a friend from church to the conference and her life was changed. This year she came and three more. I won’t stop until I get the whole church body there one by one. 

 – Linda

I prayed with a new boldness… The things I received at VOA came pouring out.
After attending VOA in 2015, I was able to find and connect with a local charismatic church. This connection allowed me to grow and steward what had been imparted to me at VOA. I attended Global Awakening’s School of Supernatural Ministry and went on several International Mission Trips, where I saw Jesus heal people and set them free. Throughout my life, I have experienced intimidation, disappointment, and some intense warfare, which led me to question God’s call for me. I sought the Lord and experienced a lot of inner healing and deliverance. The disappointment, rejection, and misunderstanding that I felt over the last few years caused me to doubt my call to ministry. 
I made a last-minute decision to attend VOA in 2019 because I knew I would encounter the power of God there. I needed renewed vision and courage for ministry. I had many life-changing experiences. Fist, Heidi’s message about friendly fire spoke to me, and Tom’s message on repentance on behalf of men for silencing the voice of women in the church brought a lot of healing to me as well. Then, when Rev. Sammy released a mantle of holy confrontation, it really clicked all that had happened to me in the last season. In addition, Randy’s impartation brought me renewed hope for ministry, and Leif’s & Robby’s stories gave me renewed vision for my ministry. Will prayed impartation over me, and the Lord brought a shift from receiving to ministering to others. By the time I left the conference, I was as fulfilled and able to give as much as I had received. 
I left early to make it back home for the Power Conference in Columbus on Friday night. The altar call at the end was to be set free from fear of man. About 90 percent of the room went forward. Since I had just been set free Thursday night at VOA, I was able to minister to those who had come forward. I prayed with a new boldness and saw the Lord touch people. Then, on Sunday, I had the opportunity to help someone get free of pain and unforgiveness from the past. I also experienced an unusual boldness as I called my son to get before the Lord and repent. That is totally out of character for me, but it came spilling out of my mouth. The things I received at VOA came pouring out. 
I don’t know what the Lord is doing yet, but on Sunday the bottom of my feet felt like they were on fire, and just now as I am typing, my hand feels the fire. Thank you God!

“I came away with a great awakening in my spirit to realize the power of worship in fighting the spiritual battles. Only in our worship and praise do we start to see the atmosphere change. It has changed my response in my private and public worship.”

– Mary Ann

“I am truly a new creation since being filled with the Holy Spirit and it all started at VOA. Last year I brought a friend from church to the conference and her life was changed. This year she came and three more. I won’t stop until I get the whole church body there one by one.”

– Linda

” I received a strong impartation of Holy Spirit that could’ve knocked me down. I believe that as older believers 70+ we’ll still be going out on missions and impart our experiences to others and serve.”

– Frederick

“We have been coming to Global events for years and bringing people with us. The change in our lives has begun to fan a flame in my family and this year my parents, aunt, and cousin’s family came with us and had life-changing encounters with the power of the Holy Spirit. Revival is breaking out in my family as their eyes are opened to a broader understanding of Jesus. We were all encouraged to take greater risks for God’s Kingdom.”

– Angela

“God rocked my world. Starting from Oct 1 until now was the most prophetic fulfillment in my life and that’s from someone who operates and lives in the prophetic and has been to many conferences. The hunger for the harvest has increased and I have seen many healings and words of knowledge in just 2 days of being back.”

– Anton

“Dr. Randy Clark touched my hands and then touched my forehead and prayed. I know something happened because for days afterward, I felt waves of power going through me. I do not know what the fruit is yet but I believe it was for the boldness, strength, and courage to establish a healing center at our church that will be called The Potter’s Hand. Thank you for allowing opportunities to receive prayer and impartation.”

– Linda

Renewal and refreshing during Will Hart’s ministry time. As a pastor and full-time employee in the marketplace, I was to the brink of being spent. I am thankful for my powerful encounter with God!”

– Thomas

Global Awakening events, including this year’s VOA, have literally changed my life over the last 2 years. The Lord has used this ministry to bring freedom from strongholds, to impart the fire of God and to bring hope.


I had major encounters with the Lord and he healed me of a deep trauma I didn’t even know was buried in me. I just want so much more of Him. I’ve been walking with Jesus for 25 years and I just want to go deeper with him.