a life changing experience

Join kids from all over the world in a time of learning, worshipping, and participating in various activities. Kids are hungry for God, and we value giving them the space to experience Him.  We have seen them respond to impartation in a heart-touching way. We have seen them reach out through prophetic art to bless the conference attendees. It has been a joy to see them worshipping, ministering to each other, learning, laughing, and enjoying the presence of the Lord. This is a priceless opportunity for your child to be forever changed in their faith journey.

Through impartation, teaching, and fun, Global kids will experience God’s extravagant love and learn His truth about us — that we are empowered to be a Light in the Darkness.


To ensure your children’s safety, all of the speakers and volunteers have been screened. We have the best security check-in / check-out system available. Children are subdivided into smaller “classes” and identified by a group color. These color-coded classes are used for smaller group teaching and game activities. No on-site GAK registrations are allowed. Any children registered after April 6th may not have the correct t-shirt size. Registration closes on April 13th.

  • Children must be in 1st-5th grade at the time of the conference in order to participate in this optional program.
  • We are unable to offer any translation options for GAK, so all children participating must understand English.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing to accommodate children with special needs at this time.


  • Morning Sessions
  • Check-in Opens: 8:30am
  • Pick-up: 12:30pm
  • Evening Sessions
  • Check-in Opens: 6:30pm
  • Pick-up: 10:00pm

Memories to last a lifetime

Life Changing Encounters and Impartation

There is no Junior Holy Spirit

Encountering God as we Worship Him

Quality time with VOA Speakers

Life Long Friendships

Arts & Crafts are so much fun


No junior holy spirit

“Our family has been so blessed by the VOA kids program over the years. All three of my kids have received their first baptism in the Spirit through VOA kids and all have a hunger for the spiritual in new and exciting ways. I asked my son when he’s felt the most love, and he told me it was when he got filled with the Spirit at VOA kids. He always tells his friends about the supernatural and wants for them to be filled with Spirit, too. Thank you for this ministry that has impacted my family so wonderfully.”
– Joel

Encountering the Fire

“My daughter said that at one point during worship time, she felt heat as if there was a fire before her. (We are) looking forward to future times for her when she can have more tangible encounters with the God of the universe.”
– Laura

Life Changing Encounters

“My child Joseph Brunk was prayed over several times and he is so hungry for the Holy Spirit. Justin Allen had a chance to pray over him and speak over his life and Joseph had a wonderful encounter with the Holy Spirit and an increase in words of knowledge. Joseph cried most of the way to the Philly airport. As we waiting at the airport to go home to Florida he gave a word of knowledge and prayed for an elderly couple that confirmed the words he spoke over them, later prayed over the stewardess in the airplane! What a wonderful trip back home.”
– Michelle

Impartation of Spiritual Gifts

“My 2 daughters came back on fire for the Holy Spirit and naturally used their imparted spiritual gifts.”
– Frank

Jesus, I Love You!

“Our 3 daughters attended VOA Kids. On Wednesday night, they were powerfully moved by encounters with Jesus. When I came to pick them up, my oldest was crying, my second oldest was shaking under the power of God, and my third oldest was screaming, “Jesus, I love you! I don’t need anything but You! You’re all I want! I don’t know why I ever worried about anything! I only need You to be happy!” These encounters are priceless. Thank you.”
– Aimee

Frequently Asked

When is the kids program?

The kids’ program runs during the morning and evening sessions. You can drop your kids off at 8:30 am and their session will begin at 9:00. Pick-up is at 12:30 pm. In the evening, you can drop your kids off at 6:30 pm and their session starts at 7. Kids can be picked up at 10 pm.

What do I do with my kids during the afternoon?

The kids can go into the adult sessions with you; all kids 12 and under can attend the adult VOP sessions for free. Please make sure that your children are always with a guardian. 

How does the check-in process work?

During the pre-registration process on our website, we collect all the information we need to make an account for your child in our KidCheck program.

When you arrive for the initial check-in, please join the registration line according to last name. One of our volunteers will direct you to enter your phone number to check-in your child. Then, our printer will print two stickers: one for you and one for your child. Your child will wear their sticker. You will use your sticker during check-out. You and your child will be assigned a unique code on the stickers to match you both during check-out. Any important information indicated on the form you submitted online will also appear on their sticker (i.e. allergies, no photography, etc.).  

At registration, we will provide a GAK schedule and color roster. The color roster will let you know which group your child is in for the week, and who their team leader is. 

If you need to update any important information, please do not hestiate to call 717-796-9866, email events@globalawakening.com or let one of our volunteers know at check-in.   

Who will the speakers be?

Kirsten Ruhl is leading the kids’ program. Kirsten and her team are the main speakers. 

What if I can’t pick up my kids during the designated pick-up time?

If you know for some reason you will be unable to pick up your kids during the specified time, please make arrangements ahead of time for your child to be picked up by your 2nd guardian. The 2nd guardian’s information must be included when you are registering your child. If you are worried about missing impartation or part of the session that has gone late, please remember that you can pick up your kids and go back into the adult session with them.

What do I need to do when I arrive?

You do not need to bring your email confirmation; we will have you and your children on our list. Registration for parents begins at 4 PM on April 26th, and kids registration will begin at 6:30pm. Please refer to our check-in process column for further information on check-in and drop-off. 

Can I come in with my kids?

Due to safety regulations, none of the parents are allowed into the kids’ program. All adults that are in that room have gone through paperwork and other clearances. This is to protect your children. The kids typically adjust quickly to the group setting. If they have any issues adjusting, we will contact you via the number you gave us on your registration. 

If your child is having an encounter with the Lord and cannot get up during check-out, a GAK team member will walk you to your child so you can carry them out. 

What will the kids do?

There is teaching, worship, and lots of fun activities. Some of the evening sessions also feature a guest speaker and a time of impartation. We will provide a schedule including the classes upon check-in.